Frederick Williamson Bowls
Many thanks to all who attended the Nov 10-11 Artisans Studio Tour.
and made it a great success.  Here are a few images.

The bowl in the drawing, won by Judy Spellman of Charlottesville

If you are a lover of turned wood bowls, or have just discovered this site by chance, welcome to a gallery of my  work.  This website contains functional and artistic bowls turned from woods found near Charlottesville, Virginia.  I work in a small studio tucked up against the mountains of the Shenandoah National Park, in a clearing among stately oaks, gums, maples, and white pines, on a small ridge above the Moormans River.  The woods shelter us in winter, shade us in summer, and always remind me where my bowls come from.  They define the work I do. 


The lathe, where the bowls take shape.

After the sanding and finishing.