Frederick Williamson Bowls
Care of Bowls

Some bowls are primarily for display, while others are functional as well as decorative. These bowls are flexible and surprisingly resilient, though still breakable from physical or thermal shock.   

Functional pieces are finished with Behlen’s Salad Bowl Finish, FDA tested and approved. With care, a bowl will last many decades.  After use, wash by hand in warm water. If dressed salads are served, periodically scrub with dish detergent  to prevent excess buildup of vegetable oil making the bowl gummy. Towel dry. Avoid sudden extremes of heat or moisture, such as soaking in a sink, baking in a sunny window, or leaving a refrigerator.  When dull, a light coat of salad or mineral oil rubbed in and wiped off will both brighten the wood and help to preserve it. If your bowl becomes rough from heavy use, lightly sand with some worn 320 grit sandpaper.  A small crack may be fixed with medium density superglue.  I may be contacted for more serious repairs.

 Artistic bowls may finished with Waterlox or Behlen's, and should never need re-sanding, but may benefit from a fine coat of a tung oil if the finish dulls. In all cases wipe well with a soft cloth after oiling.