Monticello Recent Bowls

I have three tables or benches made from the Tulip Poplar II tree.  These are available for sale, with the usual percentage going to Monticello from each sale.  These are from slabs I chainsawed off where branches bulged out from the the huge trunk.  They were air-dried a years, and then went to a kiln process for final drying.  The legs are hand hewn black walnut.  Each table is finished with a conversion varnish for maximum durablilty, while the legs are oiled so you can feel the texture of the draw knife and spoke shave.  Each is signed underneath with date and series number, and each is utterly unique.  They are indeed a slice of Jefferson's Monticello.

#17.  45"long x 21" wide top, 17 1/2" tall   $4,000

detail of butterfly joints on #17  

#14.  37" long x 19 1/2" to 13" wide top, 17 1/2" tall,  $2,300

#15.  38" long x 17" wide x 17 1/2" tall,  $1,750