Frederick Williamson Bowls

A Cornucopia of Bowls

If you are a lover of turned wood bowls, or have just discovered this site by chance, welcome to a gallery of my  work.  This website contains functional and artistic bowls turned from woods found near Charlottesville, Virginia.  I work in a small studio tucked up against the mountains of the Shenandoah National Park, in a clearing among stately oaks, gums, maples, and white pines, on a small ridge above the Moormans River.  The woods shelter us in winter, shade us in summer, and always remind me where my bowls come from.  They define the work I do. 

The lathe, where the bowls take shape.

After the sanding and finishing.

In my lathe room.

Many thanks to all who came out to the 2015 Studio Tour, Nov. 7-8
And congratulations to the winner of the bowl drawing, Marci VanInwage from Massachusetts.

a side wall of bowls ready to be viewed

a crowded room on Saturday afternoon

Here are some images of my studio set up for the 2013 Artisans Studio Tour.

            The setup before the opening.

           Notice bullets found in Monticello Tulip Poplar II base.


Here is my studio set up for the 2014 Studio Tour.
Click here for the full screen link.       

And here is a video of the 2015 Artisans Studio Tour